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Welcome back to school after a lovely summer holiday. We are pleased to welcome our new Foundation Stage children: Millie, Blythe, Daisy, Isaac, Ben, Nathan, Jaiden, Charlie, Ewan, Guy and Harry. We also welcome Anna, Henry, Tallan and Anna to our Junior classes.


Our Infant playground upgrade is looking fabulous. The children have christened the new tarmac with pictures of themselves and staff have been busy adorning the new fencing with art works, photos and learning resources.

The Pond Area also has a brand new fence. Many thanks to Rob Butcher and his team.


The children's curriculum system has had an overhaul with a new server, operating and management system plus memory upgrades for the current laptops. Many thanks to Cablers; Andy, Paul, Murray and Aaron for their patience!!!

We also have Archer and Sons putting the finishing touches to the school's external paint work, having revamped the School Office. Many thanks to David, Paul, Phillip, Jamie and Charlie.


We are a very small village school in the village of Pebmarsh, serving the children and parents of Pebmarsh, Alphamstone and Lamarsh. We also have children from Halstead and Sudbury areas.

Currently our number on roll is 76, spread across our three classes ~ Infants, Lower Juniors and Upper Juniors. We are full to the brim in the Infant class at the moment but we do have 'squeezable' spaces in the junior classes.


If you would like to visit to our school our children will be very pleased to meet you! Please contact the School Office on 01787 269300 to arrange a time.


Amanda Mitchelson





Y6 at their final Forest School session

July 2014

York 2014 ~ Scaling Dam Reservoir

July 2014

Infants Forest School

Sept 2014


Science Week ~ The Lower Juniors with Professor Kaos






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